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"I have worked with Lily on many photoshoots and its always a pleasure. Lily is very creative and talented. She always knows the best way to pose herself on set and works so professionally. From such a young age she is so determined and absolutely amazing to work with. I am sure she"ll go far and do amazing things and I would recommend Lily to anyone who needs guidance on posing or fashion"


Nina Mace
Prime Photography Simon Giddings

"Lily Mae is one of the loveliest most amazing people I've ever met. It's always a pleasure to work with her on a shoot. She is laser-focused on her fabulous sense of style and knows exactly what she wants from a shoot.  Having heard she's starting a Model Mentoring business I must say I'm very excited for her!  I just know her talent for cutting edge styling , combined with her warm, bubbly, engaging personality will result in every Model she mentors feeling confident, empowered and amazing! "


I've been fortunate enough to work with Lily Mae twice now and on both occasions Lily has been an absolute pleasure to photograph. In taking direction well, connecting with the camera and also having her own input which is great when both Model and Photographer bounce off of one another!

Lily you are just a dream to work with and will go far!


Liz Clarke Photography
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